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By Robert Hansford profile image Robert Hansford
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The Pit Stop expands its digital offering

The Pit Stop will be ramping up its digital offering in 2024

You could say that here at The Pit Stop we're a bit old school. Being a print magazine publisher, we love a physical product.

We love being able to read with something tangible. For us it provides an added experience that you can't achieve in any other way.

So many people have declared that print is dead over the years, but we defend that accusation completely. It's not dead at all. In fact, if anything, there's signs of a slight resurgence in the medium. It's something we are definitely noticing.

But while we still firmly believe in print, it would also be remiss of us to completely ignore the digital age.

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For us, digital is definitely not the enemy. We might love print, but we also see how digital content can compliment our print product.

And therefore, we have made the decision to substantially increase our digital content output by the launch of an all-new aspect of our website.

Don't fear, this doesn't mean that the print version of The Pit Stop is going anywhere - it isn't. And it also doesn't mean your copy of The Pit Stop will be devalued in any way either.

Our digital output will be categorically different to the magazine. We won't be telling stories in quite the same way as we do in our print publication, and we certainly won't be telling stories in quite as much detail.

Our digital content will of course be about telling stories, but it will have a slightly harder focus on news. Our content will initially be centred around Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship, but as time goes on, we aim to broaden that horizon up.

Speaking about the developments, The Pit Stop's founder and editor Rob Hansford said: "The Pit Stop has been steadily growing over the last four years with our quarterly print publication, and now is the right time to grow the business even further with the addition of more digital content.

"We've periodically published digital stories in the past, but with the media landscape evolving so fast in the last 12 months or so, the time is now right to put additional focus on our digital offerings.

"Naturally, a lot of our digital content will initially be provided by way of written stories, but we will also be increasing our video production capacity as well.

"As ever, we don't want to conform to the norm, and so we aim to provide you with content in a different way to other media outlets. We don't need to focus on who won what race, that's not the kind of story we go looking for. It's about going beyond the race results, examining some of the lesser-known storylines that are just as interesting as the headline grabbers.

"We look forward to providing you with even more content throughout 2024, and as ever, if you have any feedback or comments, we'd love to hear from you!"

By Robert Hansford profile image Robert Hansford
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